Ham Radio For SHTF Communication | This Will Work When Everything Else Fails

  I have included this video for anyone who has been curious about amateur or ham radio. The presenter does a great job explaining what is possible in ham radio from the perspective of emergency communications in case the grid goes down. Good beginner information and simple explanations. Useful for finding out what amateur radio is capable of achieving.

The HF Renaissance in the US Army

I came across a video this morning and it is interesting and informative. Professor Col. Stephen Hamilton KJ5HY gives us a perspective of the relevance of modern HF radio communications for the military. Ham radio enthusiasts will appreciate the information he is sharing as well since he credits the ham radio community for continuing to advance HF communications technology and techniques. Worth a view.

Club Meeting Saturday August 19th 10am Town Annex Building

From Marc W5MTS:   Hi all - We'll be having an in-person GARS meeting on Saturday, August 19th starting at 1000 in the Silver City Town Annex meeting room. The meeting will begin with a special presentation by Dave Jorgensen, WD5COV, who participated in the recent Bouvet Island Dxpedition that encountered many weather challenges. Following that will be a very short business meeting.  Also a reminder that the monthly breakfast meeting will be held Saturday, July 29 at the Patio Restaurant in Hurley at 0900. 73, Marc, W5MTS

High Frequency Radio for High Frequency Traders - What Does This Mean?

Let's All Freak Out Over RM-11953, Shall We? Dave Casler KE0OG "Ask Dave" gives a great description of what the FCC's RM-11953 proposal and how it may work and affect our HF band allocations. It's worth watching his video. 73 de K5MGK

Never Too Old to Learn Ham Radio

 I ran across this video today and it resonated with me. I am one of those individuals that the YouTube Channel creator describes in his video. It's never too late to enjoy a new hobby! 73 de K5MGK Mark